Photo History 1946-1996

The artistry of my father Cliff Anderson (1929-2009) started in the summer of 1947 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and continued for the next 46 years with the exception of a stint in the army during the Korean War but with his return he was right back to lettering trucks -trailers during the days and pin-striping custom cars / bikes for  the likes of Jon Kosmoski, Ed Belkengren, Kevin Winter,
Tom Hoover and others in the evenings.
I joined my father full time in the business  the summer of '77
 I started pin-striping and lettering when I was 11 years old- not leaving his side I was able to learn the craft!
We lettered, pin-striped, flamed and airbrushed everything by hand until 1983 when we added vinyl graphics-die-cutting and screen-printing to our shops.
One shop in Richfield, MN the other in Bloomington, MN.
We have left our trademark pin-striping and lettering work on thousands of vehicles over the last 60 years.
Thank You for the last 60 years and thanks for visiting our site.
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